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Université de Bordeaux

Olivier Joubert

Last update Friday 10 December 2021

University of Nantes - Institute of Materials by Jean Rouxel (IMN), CNRS, France

Olivier Joubert

Olivier JOUBERT is currently full professor of the Chemistry of Materials at the University of Nantes and also Chair of the ST2E group (electrochemical storage and conversion of energy) within the Jean Rouxel Institute of Materials (CNRS-IMN). This lab is a Joint Research Unit between the CNRS and the University of Nantes, employing approximately 150 people.

Prof. Joubert is a solid state chemist and his research focuses on the development of new materials for technological applications, such as high and intermediate temperature ceramic Solid Oxide (SO) fuel or electrolyser cells (SOFC and SOEC). Some examples of his research activity include the development of new oxide materials such as novel perovskite-type ion and proton conductors and anode for SO Cells.

Prof. Joubert is co-author of 120 publications, has presented at 25 conferences and is the owner of 5 patents. He directs the French Research Network on Hydrogen Energy (FRH2 with about 270 permanent researchers) which brings together all French academic research groups in the field of electrolysis production and storage of hydrogen as well as the conversion of hydrogen to electricity using fuel cell. His research group is part of the FRH2 network and is involved in many national and European projects around SOFC technology. He is also the main organizer of the International Discussion on Hydrogen Energy and Applications (IDHEA) held in Nantes in 2014 and 2016.

Between 2014 and 2020, Prof. Joubert was in charge of the expertise cell ERIMAT in Capacités SAS, a private subsidiary of the University of Nantes dedicated to the development of research, and providing assessment and advice to industries.