Université de Bordeaux

Why choose us?

Research in Bordeaux within the field of materials for energy is highly active, with more than 400 publications per year since the early 2000’s.

At the University of Bordeaux, over 200 researchers are involved in the field, thus guaranteeing a high level of research-intensive training for students.

Bordeaux’s added value lies in the existence of recognized laboratories dedicated to the domain of materials for energy storage and conversion (batteries, solar cell, fuel cells, hydrogen, smart grids, etc.), each with their specificities and their complementary expertise.

The University of Bordeaux’s Master program in advanced materials, its active role in national and European research networks dedicated to energy storage and conversion, as well as the regular organization of leading international conferences (such as the LiBD conference) are testimony to our internationally recognized expertise.

The renowned academic excellence on site (H2020, ERC, IUF, etc.) along with strong industrial collaborations (numerous patents, licenses, start-ups, common laboratories, etc.) makes Bordeaux the ideal place to study advanced materials for energy storage and conversion.

Finally, the significant number of small and medium-sized enterprises dedicated to energy materials (largest solar farm in Europe, SAFT, Solvay, etc.) in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region reinforces the industrial approach of this summer school.