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Université de Bordeaux

Florencia Fagiano

Last update Monday 13 March 2023
Florencia FagianoFlorencia Fagiano

Florencia Fagiano is a Chemical Engineer and holds a Master of Engineering from the Balseiro Institute (San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina). She did her research in the field of materials for solid-state hydrogen storage during her Master’s studies and now works for Y-TEC (Argentina), participating in different projects in field of hydrogen. 

Why did you choose to take part in this summer school? What were your objectives?

Since I started my studies in Chemical Engineering, I have been interested in the field of energy and its importance in industrial growth and global development. The world's energy demand is continuously increasing over the years due to the growth in human population as well as economic development. There is a global need to develop alternative sources of energy as a replacement for fossil fuels. This motivated me to continue making contributions to the development of science and technology in the area of renewable energy. I participated in the 2021 edition of this Summer School and even though it was a virtual edition (due to the Covid-19 pandemic), I was able to learn and discover ideas and works of research in the field of renewable energies during lectures, while meet graduate students from different parts of the world and a diverse range of cultures at the same time. That prompted me to participate in the 2022 edition in Bordeaux.

What did you learn from this experience? What is your overall impression? What was the highlight of the programme?

Participating in the Bordeaux Summer School was a unique experience that allowed me to grow on a personal, academic and professional level. The highlight of the programme was having the possibility to learn from internationally recognised experts, and work collaboratively with graduate students from different parts of the world sharing experiences and different points of view. This was a great opportunity to continue expanding my academic and professional network.

Anything else?

I highly recommend participating in future editions of the Bordeaux Summer School, it is a unique opportunity to grasp the latest developments in the energy sector, visit Bordeaux and get to know wonderful people!